5 Christmas Gift Ideas for Your Leo Boyfriend

Christmas is just around the corner. What better way to kick off the holiday cheer than to start making a list and buying gifts before the shopping rush kicks in? Here are some Christmas gift ideas for the important man in your life, whether he’s your boyfriend, husband, dad, grandpa, or son!

Leos are playful, so it would be great if you buy your man something that could bring in lots of fun. What you buy him should definitely be something he is interested in, though.

Remote Control Toys

What’s your man been eyeing when you go to the mall? Most men appear to not like shopping but that’s just in the clothes department. Put a man inside a toy store with remote control items for sale – he’s bound to stay there for at least an hour.

remote control toys

It seems that no matter how old a man is, he never really gets too old for a remote control toys. You can find a decent RC car below P1,000. If your budget is above that, then you must choose the monster truck version; the meaner-looking, the better. You might also pick a helicopter or boat, instead.

A ‘Branded’ Bag

Men don’t want to admit it but they can be quite picky about bags. Buy them something that suits their personality and job. Most men can’t resist a good backpack, though, so you can play safe by buying him a ‘branded’ one.


Don’t worry because your man would surely be happy with a nice Hawk or Jansport bag. Buy the one that would suit your budget but make sure you don’t sacrifice quality.

Gadget Accessories

Buy your man a good pair of headphones or a cool speaker, so they can enjoy their favorite music using their phone.


Personalized phone cases also make a good option; though you might want to ask your man if he’s planning to buy a new gadget for Christmas. It wouldn’t be good if you bought him a new Otterbox for his BlackBerry if he’s switching to iPhone soon.

Tickets to His Favorite Sports’ Team’s Game

What’s your man’s favorite sports team? It might be too late in the season to view a game but you could also be lucky if you can find a match; for example if the the team joins a Christmas fundraiser.


Of course, you’ll have to know what team he is vying for, else you end up watching a match featuring the rival of his favorite team instead.

Collectible Items

If your man has a collection, it might be good to give him something to add there. Surely, that would be appreciated. Men have different ideas about collectible items than women. Make sure you know what he likes to collect and which items he already has in his collection. That might sound like a lot of work, but you can probably take a snapshot of his collection as guide so you won’t be buying the same pieces he has.

robots collection

We hope you found our Christmas gift ideas useful.

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