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41-Year-Old Woman Gets Detained at Airport for Being ‘Too Young’ for Passport

Everyone hates getting delayed at the airport, especially if they need to catch their flight for a very important event but one woman had a good laugh after she was detained at the airport because the officials believed she was ‘too young’ for her passport.

A lot of women would actually willingly shell out a lot of money just to look too young for their age – that’s for sure!

Ukrainian singer Natalia Dzenkiv is 41 years old who performs in a band called Lama. She traveled to Turkey on a holiday but when she was at the airport for her flight back home to Ukraine, she was whisked into a quiet room where airport security officers grilled her about her travel documents.

Photo credit: @nataliadzenkiv / Instagram

It must have been a puzzling and possibly nerve-wracking moment for the singer but she knew she had done nothing wrong and that she had proper documents. At first, she felt frightened over the detention but was soon laughing hard after learning that the reason they held her was that they think she’s in her 20s and using a stolen or fake passport!

When I found out the reason for my arrest, I even started laughing as it was the age in my passport. I am already used to compliments about the way I look, but I couldn’t have imagined that it might be a reason for detaining me,” Dzenkiv revealed.

Photo credit: @nataliadzenkiv / Instagram

But no matter how hard she tried to convince the airport officials that this was really her passport, they refused to believe her.

Seeing her photos, we do agree with them. She does look so young!

Photo credit: @nataliadzenkiv / Instagram

Thankfully, some fans happened to see her and went closer to ask for an autograph and to take selfies with her. Soon enough, the airport officials finally released her after this ‘confirmation’ from her fans.

What a way to confirm someone’s identity! LOL. But at least it worked in her favor…

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