41-year-old Taiwanese Mother Shares the Secret for her Teenage Appearance

Quite recently, photos of a beautiful 41-year-old lady made rounds on social media, not just because she was extraordinarily beautiful and flawless but because she looks like a teenager!

In many of the photos she posted on her social media accounts, she could easily pass off as her son’s girlfriend or younger sister! It was, therefore, not surprising that the photos quickly went viral across the world, with many people trying to decipher just how she achieved those youthful looks. Many are saying she’s undergone cosmetic surgery while others believe those pics were Photoshopped.


So, What’s Her Secret?

It wasn’t Photoshop or cosmetic surgery that made this middle-aged woman look like a teenager. Would you believe it’s something so simple that you can even do it at home by yourself? It’s….*drumroll*…lemon water!

According to KickerDaily, Zhang revealed in one of her interview;

“Each day after waking up in the morning, I drink a cup of lemon water to encourage the secretion of bile, which is good at promoting fat digestion.”

Take note that lemon water is different from lemonade. You don’t use sugar to sweeten up the drink in lemon water – plus, you use lukewarm water instead of cold.

How to Make Lemon Water

It is actually quite easy to make lemon water. Just fill a pitcher with lukewarm water, then add a couple of slices of lemon. You can squeeze a few slices or about half the lemon into the water. Another option is to place a couple of slices inside the pitcher, then steep it for a couple of hours.

Drink this water every morning. Who knows? If you stick to this daily regime like the 41 year old Taiwanese mother did, you can also become as youthful as she is!

Benefits of Lemon Water

Aside from looking youthful, lemon water also brings lots of great benefits for the body (or could these be the extra benefits are the reasons why she became youthful?). Perhaps, it can even reverse aging!

Anyway, here are the known benefits of drinking lemon water:

  • Helps replenish body’s salts after workout and other physical activities
  • Aids in digestion
  • Help maintain good eyesight
  • Invigorates the skin
  • Helps cure illnesses such as the common cold
  • Helps prevent infections
  • Encourages bile production for better fat processing and weight loss
  • Maintains the body’s pH balance
  • Helps boost the immune system
  • Helps combat bad breath
  • Helps get rid of constipation
  • Keeps the body hydrated


Remember, the lady did follow this routine strictly for years but we all still have a chance. Anyway, bye for now – I need to buy some lemons…

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