4 Kinds of People Mosquitoes Love to Bite

Do you ever wonder why some people tend to get away from the irritating bites of mosquitoes while others happen to be these creatures’ favorite target? Apparently, health experts have discovered that mosquitoes have preference for certain type of people.

Here are some factors that may possibly make you a mosquito bait, according to brightside.me.


1. Being pregnant

Compared to other people, pregnant women produce more carbon dioxide making mosquitoes more attracted to them. This is probably the reason why Zika virus, which is currently a serious threat to babies, has infected many pregnant women.

2. Exercising

If you notice that mosquitoes tend to aggressively attack you after a jog or a workout session, that’s because they’re attracted to lactic acid which your body produces in large quantities in your muscles when it is subject to physical strain such as exercising.

3. Drinking alcohol

Alcohol elevates our body temperature and this makes us more appealing to mosquitoes.

4. Having a type O blood.

People with type O blood have 83% risk of being bitten by mosquitoes based on research. Meanwhile, people with type A blood are the ones least attractive to mosquitoes.

How to Drive Away Mosquitoes Naturally?

We often turn to insect repellents to keep mosquitoes away. However, these may contain toxic chemicals that may be dangerous to human health and possibly cause headache, memory loss, fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath particularly to children and even muscle tremors.

Instead of using insect repellents, explore ways to repel mosquitoes naturally, according to Natural Living Ideas.

  1. Use citronella oil and candles.
  2. Put a drop of lavender around open windows.
  3. Put a few stalks of rosemary on the hot coals to repel mosquito with its aroma.
  4. Plant mosquito repellent plants such as catnip, citronella, feverfew and lavender.
  5. Consume more garlic.
  6. Apply neem oil to the skin.
  7. Drink apple cider vinegar with water.
  8. Get rid of standing water.