3-Year-Old Girl Who Knows How to Change Oil of Dad’s Car Goes Viral

While most kids her age will tell you they know how to change the oil of their dad’s car, it is most likely pretend play – and their dads aren’t likely to let them go near the engine or touch anything inside the hood – but for 3-year-old ‘Little How To Girl’, changing oil is just one of the things she’s an expert on! Can you believe that?

In a video that has since been viewed over 570k times, the ‘Little How To Girl’ shows us the steps to properly change the oil in a car; in this particular case, the 2013 Nissan Juke owned by her dad.

Of course, the steps to changing the car oil are pretty much similar and you can surely learn a thing or two from this tiny mechanic.

Screenshot from video by Little How To Girl / YouTube

Now, you have surely seen a lot of videos on YouTube and social media about tutorials on various subjects, including how to change the car oil, but this video is extra special because it was performed by a 3-year-old girl. After all, how many kids do you know can change the car oil like a pro?

A lot of adults don’t even know how to do it yet this kid makes the chore appear like something quite easy to do!

What’s also quite cute about this is that the little mechanic takes a break by eating a cookie while waiting for the oil to drain. Isn’t she adorable?

Screenshot from video by Little How To Girl / YouTube

Then, after her break was finished, she gets back to the job and completes the task like the pro that she is. Quite amazing for such a small girl, right? You’d also be surprised to learn that she’s a pro in other ‘big people chores’ such as replacing a lawn mower battery and clearing a clogged sink. What a cool little girl!

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