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3 Unlucky Gifts You Should Not Give This Christmas


If you are a firm believer of Feng Shui, you are aware that there are gifts that are believed to bring good luck to the receiver. At the same time, there are also items that may attract negative energy when given as a Christmas present.

In his livestream video for ABS-CBN News, Feng Shui expert Hanz Cua discussed the items you should never give this holiday season to avoid bad luck. Some of these items may cause bad luck in terms of finances, while other items may put a strain on relationships.


Here are the items you need to avoid giving your loved ones this Christmas season.

1. Wallets without money

Giving of empty wallets is a big no-no for Feng Shui believers. Cua advises to put money amounting to a figure ending in 8 to attract fortune and upturn bad luck.

2. Sharp items

While it’s practical to give knives and scissors as presents since they have tons of uses in the house, these items are also considered bad luck in Feng Shui. Cua said sharp objects symbolize cutting of relationships.

3. Pair of shoes, handkerchief or bonsai tree

Many would want to receive these items this Christmas, but Cua warns that giving a handkerchief, a pair of shoes and a bonsai tree represents stagnant growth, separation and a  sad relationship.

What is Feng Shui?

The term Feng Shui literally translates as “wind-water” in English and refers to a Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing people with the surrounding environment. Its practice discusses architecture in metaphoric terms of “invisible forces” that bind the earth, universe and humanity together. In the past, it was widely used to orient buildings, dwellings and other significant structures like tombs.

The scientific community regards Feng Shui as pseudoscicence since it presents no replicable scientific evidence.


Prankster Met “Karma” As He Was Fined £52,500 Because Of A Woman He Kicked While Doing A Prank




Prank Image

Pranksters are everywhere. The boom of taking videos in doing pranks developed when social media boomed. People think it is fun to scare, trick or even hurt individuals and catch all those awkward moments on video. They share them online and take pride in their sick tricks just to become overnight internet famous.

We have seen people scaring the hell out of innocent strangers by using fake bombs, guns, and events. Others could have a heart attack because of all these crazy pranks they think make them cool.

Hurting others is no different. Pranksters should be fined, don’t you think so?

Crossing the line

That is exactly what this woman did when a proud prankster joyfully video recorded her standing in the middle of the street, waiting to cross. This guy, Mario Montealegre, thought it was funny to kick someone’s calf in public and see a lady, who did not do anything wrong to him, fall to the ground.

Prank 3

He was even caught on record counting before he attacked the poor victim!

Prank 1

The woman, who was wearing heeled boots at that time, fell pretty bad. She hit her lower back straight to the ground after her ankle got twisted. Everything happened so fast that the woman beside her was just as shocked as her.

Prank 4

Mario and his friend, who was holding the camera, was giggling and the video caught it.

And sad to say, many people think it is funny because the video went viral on the internet. While others laughed at her awkward fall, she did not think it was funny at all.

Minor injuries

She suffered minor injuries including sprain in the ankle, back pain and injuries in the wrist and knee. She took a 75-day leave from work due to the prank. Because of this, the men became instafamous themselves as the police took it to the public to look for the pranksters.

They were fined £52,500 as compensation plus custodial sentence. Thankfully, the police did not have to force them to show up in court because they voluntarily presented themselves to the office.

May this be a lesson to all to think before doing anything crazy for internet’s sake. Hoping for justice to be served to those prank victims who do not have the guts to report.

Watch the video below:

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Legendary Slackliner and Daredevil Faith Dickey Crosses a Canyon Wearing Three-Inch Heels




She holds a lot of records in slacklining. [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]

It is no secret: wearing a pair of heels is really difficult, especially if you are going to attend a special function where walking is needed. If you’re not used to wearing heels, you might just stare at your feet the whole time because you are terrified you are going to hit a bump in the road and find yourself face plant into the concrete. Wearing heels in the morning until the night may want you to feel that you just want to go home and throw your shoes in the garbage.

However, some women still choose to wear heels. Not only does it make you more made up but it also makes you feel more authorized and formal. It also makes any woman stand up taller, look slimmer, and feel more confident.

Heels can be a pain at times, but you will be surprised to see a woman who has taken them to new heights – literally!

Faith Dickey is one of the best slackliners in the world. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]
Faith Dickey is one of the best slackliners in the world. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]

The Ultimate Daredevil

Professional Slackliner and daredevil Faith Dickey from Austin, Texas, fearlessly walked across a wire hundreds of feet in the air while wearing three-inch heels. She inched her way above a canyon wearing a pair of black pumps.

Faith only had a slim cord attaching her to the line, just in case she tripped.

Are you brave enough to cross a canyon wearing heels? [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]
Are you brave enough to cross a canyon wearing heels? [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]

Not the First Time

You will be surprised to know that this is not Faith’s first time to walk across a wire wearing heels. In January 2015, she also participated in the Women’s Highline Meeting in Ostrov, Czech Republic where she broke all previous female high lining records, including the highest free solo walk for a woman which measures 820 feet above the ground.

She again tested her skills by crossing the Pera da Gávea in Rio de Janeiro, one of Brazil’s most famous highlines wearing a pair of bright pink kitten heels.

She holds a lot of records in slacklining. [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]
She holds a lot of records in slacklining. [Image Credit: CGTN / Youtube]
People who saw Faith crossing the thin cords with her choice of shoes have nothing to say but admiration and surprise.

I have never seen anything like it before – I’ve taken photos of highliners, but one wearing a pair of heels is completely different. Faith is very experienced at highlining, but even so, she had to be extremely careful in her heels.

The daredevil is the first woman to pass the 100-meter mark in highlining. She also holds several world records in the sports of slackening.

People were amazed upon seeing her tricks. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]
People were amazed upon seeing her tricks. [Image Credit: EpicTV / Youtube]
Do you think you can do whatever Faith is doing? Are you brave enough to dare yourself to cross a thin wire up in the air? Because for us, we surely can’t! We’ll leave it to the professionals.

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Man Having Horror Stories In His Apartment Shares The Experiences On Twitter




DD Image

Would you dare to live in an apartment with someone you can’t see but feel? Though we are already in the modern age, still, horror stories exist! It is just that there are more technical ways to prove such but it’s up to you if you will believe them.

The paranormal documentation “Dear David” has been storming the Twitter netizens recently. It happened on Adam Ellis, a cartoonist from New York.

How Dear David started

Adam has been sharing his chilling experiences at home through Twitter. Some believe it, and some do not. But now, he had them documented to give proof that what he’s experiencing is real.

Adam started to share his experience way back August 2017. He lives alone in New York with his two cats. Ellis experiences episodes of sleep paralysis.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

He often dreams of a young boy who appears damaged physically. In one of his episodes, he was approached by a young girl at a library. The kid asked him if he had seen Dear David. Moreover, she said that the young boy is dead and he only appears at midnight. She warns that you should say, Dear David, if you want to ask a question. But, he can only answer two. Spilling the third question will just make him murdered.

Proofs of Adam’s horrible experience

After the encounter with the young girl, weeks have passed and he saw Dear David again. In his dream, he saw the kid in his room sitting in his green chair. Adam asked about his death. The boy stated that someone hit him on the head in a store. Ellis dared to throw the third question by asking the kid who murdered him. Right there and then, the cartoonist woke up thinking if he was going to die.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Adam transfer to his new apartment, leaving all the spine-chilling experiences he had. But he was shocked when his cats gather in front of his door every single midnight. He also hears loud noises and a kid playing outside his room despite living on the top floor.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Ellis consistently shares his experiences on Twitter. The netizens asked him to draw the face of David in his dreams. And show a drawn picture of a young boy disfigured in the head.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Adam’s followers grew at the time, intrigued by his weird and scary experiences. He installed security cameras in his apartment and saw stranger stuff happening while he is sleeping or away. Ellis saw his cat, being played by someone invisible.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

He saw a trap door in his apartment. Out of curiosity, he asks help from the landlord and they got a marble and a leather kid’s shoe.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

Poor Adam downloaded an app that will take pictures of his place every minute.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

The next day, feeling unusual as he wakes up, saw pictures of a young boy watching him in his sleep.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

And then it got closer.

PHOTO CREDIT: Boredom Therapy

And closer!

After the incident, Adam posts less and claims that he is no longer having episodes of David.

Many have been captured by Adam’s horrible experiences. This became a debate whether it is true or just a mere imagination and an attempt to be known for his career as a cartoonist. Looking through Adam’s proofs, which side would you dare to buy?

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