3 Simple Tips for a Successful Long-Term Weight Loss

Losing weight can be tricky and there are a lot of information out there that the internet offers in order to attain your ideal body weight.

However, losing weight is not as easy as keeping the pounds off. The challenge usually is, how can one maintain his new healthier physique?

Two Today Show viewers who are on a three-week mark on their weight loss challenge shared how they are able to keep their weight loss goals and they have shared three tips for a long-term weight loss success.

1. Plan and read.

Planning meals may seem a lot of work but it helps not only on the weight loss but also in creating healthy meal habits.

Aside from being able to plan what to eat and how much you should consume, planning helps on become aware of his dietary habits.

In addition, reading food labels also help one control how much he consumes. It can also give an idea of what a food item contains and if it is healthy or not.

meal planning

Plan your meals ahead of time.

2. Eliminate snacking or be a smart snacker.

Contrary to popular belief, eating frequently and snacking only does a little help on weight loss. Several studies have also revealed that it isn’t necessary to snack frequently to maintain one’e weight.

However, if you do need to eat a snack, choose healthy ones instead of the usual sweet, salty or fatty snacks.

3. Walk for fitness to keep the pounds off.

In order to successfully lose unwanted pounds, it is important not only to reduce your calorie intake. While about 80% of weight loss is a result of a good diet program, 20% of calories burned during physical activity helps one lose weight for good.

Walking for fitness is one physical activity that isn’t too difficult to follow specially for beginners. Just make sure you stand up straight, keep you arms bent at the elbow and parallel to the ground. Swing them back and forth in order to burn more calories efficiently. Also make sure to land heel first and roll through your foot while pushing your toes. Do it briskly as you get a hang of it to burn more calories.

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Source: Today

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