3 Must-Have Features Your Home Needs For Luxury Lakeside Living

In 2018, Manila was the world’s best market for luxury homes, after an increase of 11% in home prices the previous year, according to a report on KMC. There is nothing quite fulfilling like living in a luxury home, especially by the lakeside. Living on the lake allows you to enjoy the never-ending vibe of a lavish vacation. You’ll be waking up to breathtaking views as the sun rises over the lake, walking on your private beach, and engaging in endless water sport activities. What’s more, luxury waterfront homes provide world-class comforts, such as resort-like pools, spas, and top-notch security, to mention a few. If you’re looking at building a waterfront home or styling an open-concept house on an existing property, below are must-have features for luxury lakeside homes


Photo by Bhanvi Mehta on Unsplash

Incredible Views

This is probably the most crucial factor to consider despite the fact you can’t change or add the natural scenery surrounding your home. When living in a waterfront home, you want to take in breathtaking views of the sun rising and lingering sunsets. You’ll also want to see fascinating natural elements, including plants and wildlife. While all lakeside homes guarantee scenic views, research the region you wish to purchase your property before making any decision. Check if your desired home is facing the landscape to be certain it offers short and long incredible views of the lake. To ensure you choose the right property, consult a real estate agent with experience selling waterfront homes. A professional agent knows the best neighborhoods with homes that provide excellent views.  

Guest Quarters

One of the best parts of following the Lake Austin living trend is the ability to explore and seek adventures within the local area. With so many opportunities to engage in various thrilling water-based activities, your friends and relatives are likely to visit your luxury home often. Custom home builders are aware of this fact; that’s why they design lavish guest quarters in waterside properties. Overnight guests can use guest quarters in your home as pool houses to experience luxurious comfort and relaxation after a busy day kayaking, swimming, hiking, or fishing. To enjoy an unforgettable experience lounging by the poolside together with family and friends, provide luxurious huts and comfortable seating.  

Fully-Equipped Outdoor Kitchen

When it comes to lavish lakeside living, an outdoor kitchen is essential. Ideally, outdoor kitchens transform average properties into luxurious homes. Therefore, ensure your home has a chef-like culinary space outdoors. Your outdoor kitchen should feature a built-in grill station, ample storage space, and a custom-built pizza oven. Ensure your kitchen has a stainless steel meal prep area and a fridge for storing beverages. Having an outdoor kitchen increases convenience and comfort while you lounge on the patio.

Luxury lakeside living gives you numerous opportunities to relax and unwind from daily stressors and enjoy great outdoor adventures. However, to experience a luxurious stay by the lakeside, your home must have some unique features. Some must-haves are high-end outdoor kitchens, scenic views, guest quarters, spa-like bathrooms, the latest home technologies, and stunning pools.