19-Year-Old Girl Earns PhD, Becomes Youngest Post-Graduate in Asia

While other kids her age are enjoying mobile games and having fun apps like TikTok, Naina Jaiswal is busy earning her degree and becoming the youngest post-graduate in Asia!

Naina hails from Hyderabad, India. At the moment she began walking and talking, her mother already introduced her to homeschooling. She spent the next 5 years being homeschooled before her dad realized she had potential to become better.

Her dad runs a school but would soon focus his time on his daughter as he continued her education at home. By the time she was 8 years old, this young lady would already finish the equivalent of high school! She finished Class 8 and was accepted in college where she would become the youngest to graduate from journalism at just 13 years old.

Not content with just earning a degree and completing college, the 13-year-old proceeded to take her Master’s Degree which she would complete at 16 years old. Then, this impressive young woman would earn her PhD at 19 years old – and this made her the youngest post-graduate in Asia.

Photo credit: The Youth

But what truly made this young lady even more impressive is that she’s not just your typical stereotype of a genius nerd who spent her days studying and reading. Aside from excellent in academics, she is also a well-rounded student who is also great in several fields of music, arts, and sports.

In fact, Naina is among the athletes who will be joining the 2020 Olympics as she will represent India in table tennis. A champion in many national and international competitions, it’s hard to believe that this very young girl still managed to excel in her lessons while also finding time to train for her sports events.

She’s also a piano prodigy and enjoys painting. What a truly amazing young lady.