18-Year-Old Guy Surprises Bride with Brand New Mustang on Wedding Day

They didn’t own a motorcycle or car in the past, but on the day that they got married, an 18-year-old guy surprises his bride with brand new Ford Mustang! Whoa.

Young Groom Surprises Bride with Mustang

There are many different things that a couple could give each other on their wedding day as gift. Though many don’t even exchange gifts as they usually receive a lot of gifts from their wedding guests, anyway. The gifts are reserved for other occasion, instead. Such as during the honeymoon trip or even on their anniversary the following year.

Photo credit: @ayunieso24 / TikTok

Of course, there are also many who choose to give each other gifts to celebrate this beautiful moment as they finally unite as one.

One groom recently went viral after surprising his bride with a very expensive gift: a brand new Mustang that he paid for in cash, just a few days later. Wow.

Some bitter netizens would say that this is nothing because the guy was probably born rich. However, that’s not actually the case.

Photo credit: @ayunieso24 / TikTok

TikTok user, Yuni (@ayunieso24), shares the story of how her husband got his hands on a Mustang that he gave her as gift on their wedding day. According to Yuni, they are not rich. In fact, they never owned a motorcycle or car and had to rely on relatives for these vehicles.

But they were a hardworking couple who started a business selling supplementary goat milk. The business took off and Yuni thought they would buy a secondhand Myvi after the wedding. But 15 days before the wedding, they started getting so many orders that her husband thought she deserved a better car.

Photo credit: @ayunieso24 / TikTok

Using these earnings plus their savings, he was able to gather enough money to actually buy a Mustang with cash! He surprised her with the vehicle on their wedding day.


Tq suami , supprise kan MUSTANG pd hari perkahwinan kita hari ni , walaupon usia kita baru 18 tahun! Nt yuni akn cerita mcm mana kami capai tahap ni

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