14 Fun Ways to Enjoy Valentine’s Day if You’re Single

Valentine’s Day is coming soon. Many couples wait for this special day to spend with their loved ones. However, this special is usually dreaded by many singles. The feeling of being alone gets magnified when a person is single on a Valentine’s Day.

One advantage many singles forget is that being single is pretty amazing. You can do what you like. This Valentine’s Day, you can celebrate universal love – love for your family, friends, and most especially for yourself.


Here are 14 fun ways to enjoy Valentine’s Day if you’re single:

1. Treat yourself.

Treat and spoil yourself this Valentine’s Day. You can buy something expensive that you really like or give yourself a bouquet of flowers. Tell yourself that you deserve it.

2. Spend the day with your bestie.

Invite your best friend and go wherever you want. Eat at your favorite restaurant, watch a movie, or going on a shopping spree. Spend love day with your bestie.

3. Travel.

Valentine’s day is the ideal time to take a trip. Go somewhere. Go to the beach, climb a mountain, explore another city or go somewhere unfamiliar and sunny.

4. Do a friend a favor.

Be there for someone whom you know is going through a tough time. Think of something that could cheer them up. A surprise or a favor could make them smile. Doing a favor for a friend will definitely make your day.

5. Go to a spa.

Treat yourself this Valentine’s day to a spa. Enjoy a back massage, sweat it out in the sauna and take pleasure in that long swim. You will not only feel great but you will also look even better.

6. Volunteer.

Volunteering is a good alternative if you have nothing planned for Valentine’s Day. This way, you can make a difference in another person’s life. Go to an orphanage, visit an elderly home or volunteer in your community for a change. Nothing beats the feeling of sharing love to people who most need it.

7. Dance.

Dancing is one of the most fun ways to de-stress yourself. You can go to a busy nightclub, or just do it in the privacy of your bedroom.

8. Cook your favorite meal.

The good thing about being single is that you can choose which food to eat without having to think of pleasing another person. Cook your heart out and enjoy your favorite meal. You’d be glad you did.

9. Host a single’s party.

Invite all your single friends for a party at your place! Set a theme for the party to mix it up. Make a playlist, have some snacks and drinks, and prepare for a splendid night with your friends.

10. Bond with your family.

Spend your Valentine’s Day with people close to your heart, your family. You can take your young relatives to a movie, or dine out- everyone loves the cool aunt (or uncle).

11. Play Secret Cupid.

It’s like playing Secret Santa but with flowers and chocolates. Write the names of your single friends including you on a piece of paper. Put these in a bowl and pick a name out. You can either ask your single friends to give out a Valentine gift or date their Secret Cupid.

12. Watch a comedy show.

Laugh it out on Valentine’s Day. Consider going out to a local comedy show in your city. It’s definitely fun!

13. Try something new.

Try something new like a yoga class, an extreme sport or that exotic food you were always curious to try. There are many ways to make Valentine’s Day special, and this Valentine’s Day is the best time to try something new.

14. Stay at home.

Stay at the comfort of your home. If you want to avoid long lines and lovesick couples, stay at home, pig out and watch movies on DVD.

You don’t need to sulk when you’re single on a Valentine’s Day. There are many ways to spend it without feeling alone. Valentine’s Day is a day of love, not only for couples but for singles too.