10-Year-Old Kid Saves Money to Buy Mom a Diamond Ring

Being a mother is one of the most difficult yet also most rewarding roles a woman gets to play in her lifetime.

She is not paid to be a mother and even has to do a lot of things for her children and her partner. She stays up late and wakes up early, prepares food and various things her family needs, and do a lot of tasks that would often take much of her time.

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Though she is not paid with money for her work as a mom, she is often paid with love! Hugs and kisses from the kids already make a mom less tired after a busy day at work.

One kid in Hubei, China, recently went viral for saving money to buy a diamond ring for his mother!

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The 10-year-old kid led his mother to a jewelry store earlier this month and asked her to try on some rings. Thinking that the kid was just having fun and perhaps making jokes, the mother obliged and let the boy pick a ring.

After asking the prices of the rings in the store, the kid finally settled for one that costs 8,100 Yuan ($1,210). Though his mom thought he was just joking, the kid was actually serious.

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He took out his wallet and gave the store associates all his money. His mother was quite surprised that the kid had 8,800 Yuan ($1,315). It turned out the kid had saved up his allowance and the monetary gifts he received during holiday celebrations so that he could but his mom a diamond ring.

The kid had seen other moms wearing the ring and didn’t want his mom to feel left out. But mom certainly didn’t want the kid to spend all his savings on her ring; thus, she told him she won’t accept the ring. The kid cried, feeling rejected.

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Thus, his mother went back to the store and picked one that costs 50,700 Yuan ($7,575) and gently told her son, “Mum likes this one. You can save more money and buy this one for me later.

The tactic worked because the son really wanted his mother to have the ring she likes. They embraced tightly as the mother told her son she was happy with his offer of buying her a diamond ring… Isn’t he sweet?

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