10 Unexpected Uses of Onion

A powerful superfood, onion is rich in antioxidants that can help combat a number of diseases including common colds, diabetes and even cancer. Although onions are often linked to bad breath and indigestion, these nutritional powerhouses also offer a lot of practical uses, from removing splinters to cleaning grills.

Here are some of its unexpected uses.


1. It repels insects and soothes insect bites.

Want to get rid of bugs? Rub an onion on your skin to repel insects and help ease the pain of bug bites.

2. It soothes a sore throat.

If you’re suffering from a sore throat, soothe this by making an onion tea. Simply boil about 1 cup of water with onion peels. Remove onion peels before serving.

3. It eases the pain of burns.

To soothe the pain of burns, just rub an onion on the affected area.

4. It helps remove splinters.

Remove splinters by taping a piece of raw onion on the affected area. Hold this tight for about ab hour then remove the onion.

5. It can be used to polish metal.

Polish metal by crushing a sliced onion and combining it with water. Use this mixture to clean the metal. Dab the cloth on the mixture and rub it on the surface.

6. It combats the unpleasant smell of paint.

Use the same mixture you created to polish metal to get rid of the paint smell and varnishes.

7. It preserves avocado.

You can prevent avocados from browning by putting it inside an airtight plastic container containing sliced red onions.

8. It cleans the grill.

Use onion to clean your grill by chopping it into half and scrubbing it on the grill. You may use a fork to do this.

9. It can be used to create DIY Dye.

You can create great dyes by placing onion skins inside a nylon panty hose and boiling it in a pot for about 20 minutes.

10. It will make burnt rice edible again.

Instead of tossing your burnt rice on the garbage bin, save it using onion. Place half of the onion on top of the rice to absorb its unpleasant taste.

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