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10 Surprising Reasons Why You Should Drink Beer


You’ll probably thank beer for the extra confidence you needed to approach that pretty girl in the bar or those funny stories you shared during the reunion. It’s also to be blamed for your growing belly. But aside from the usual side effects of drinking beer, it has a number of health benefits you probably didn’t know.

Remember to drink beer in moderation as other health issues may show up if you do excessive drinking.



1. It’s good for your kidney.

Interestingly, drinking may actually do your kidneys more good than harm. According to a recent study that followed more than 11,000 healthy men for 14 years, those who drank at least 7 drinks per week had a 30% lower risk of having elevated blood creatinine levels, a marker of kidney dysfunction, compared to men who drank less.

2. It lowers bad cholesterol.

Moderate consumption of beer, according to a research, has been linked to reduced cholesterol levels in the liver and cholesterol deposits in the aorta. Meanwhile, a separate study suggests that the fiber content of beer actually reduces LDL or bad cholesterol level.

3. It increases your Vitamin B levels.

Beer is actually packed with several B vitamins, particularly B1, B2, B6 and B12. Keep in mind that beer is a great source of vitamin B12, which is an anti-anemic factor not found in many foods.

4. It’s good for your bones.

The increased levels of silicon in beer actually contributes to higher bone density and may help fight osteoporosis, based on the findings of the National Institutes of Health. Beers containing high levels of hops and malted barley were found to be the richest in silicon.

5. It’s a great cure for insomnia.

Are you having trouble getting your much-needed sleep at night? Beer actually contains lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, which can help you get a good slumber.

6. It’s good in preventing blood clots.

A study carried out by researchers at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, D.C., has shown that drinking beer decreases the clumping together of platelets, which is essential in the formation of blood clot, which may sometimes lead to a heart attack.

7. It reduces heart attack risk.

A research team based at the University of Scranton in Pennsylvania has discovered that beer contains high level of antioxidants which help eliminate harmful chemicals believed to cause heart attacks. In fact, traditional beers like ale and stout can reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis, which happens when artery walls become plugged with cholesterol and other fatty substances.

8. It boosts your memory.

Believe it or not, a daily pint of beer can actually ward off dementia, based on Framingham Heart Study Offspring Cohort. However, the researchers noted that while moderate alcohol consumption has potential mental benefits, binge drinking is actually harmful to the brain.

9. It reduces stress.

Experts have confirmed that drinking alcohol, including beer, actually relieves stress when consumed in limited amounts in specific situations for certain people. In fact, experts at the University of Montreal  have discovered that drinking two glasses of beer day can lessen work-related stress.

10. It will make you look younger.

Drinking one or two glasses of beer may actually slow down the ageing process, according to a study conducted by researchers at the American Society of Human Genetics.


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Friends ‘Ride’ Invisible Car to Order Food at Jollibee Drive Thru




A number of fast food outlets have a drive thru for the convenience of those who just want to order a quick takeout meal. The premise of ordering via the drive thru is that you have a vehicle.

What happens if you don’t have a vehicle but the lines at the counter inside the store are too long and the drive thru window has fewer customers?

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

Well, a group of friends had this rather genius idea of ‘riding’ an invisible car so they can order food at the Jollibee drive thru because the queues inside the store were long.

Laughing at their own crazy antics, the group positioned themselves in a manner that people would normally take if they were riding a car. They were standing, of course, but the designated ‘driver’ made sure to drive them carefully towards the important stops at the drive through – and he didn’t forget to ‘release the hand brake’ before moving forward to the counter.

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

It was really so hilarious to see these guys ‘riding’ their invisible car that the crew at the counter couldn’t help but laugh. They’re so crazy, right? LOL. But the crew played along, accepting the guys’ orders, still laughing at their silliness.

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

After their order was taken, the group continued towards the claim area without breaking their position. The crew at this counter also laughed at the guys, even gamely giving the ‘driver’ a fist bump.

They continued towards the exit in the same position, Giving each other high fives, knowing they got their way and were able to order much faster than the customers inside the store. Clever trick, isn’t it?

Photo credit: Dave Calma / Facebook

But the guys did not just trick the Jollibee crew, they had also become famous on Facebook. Less than 24 hours after the video was posted, the video has garnered close to 1 million views!

Check it out here:

Teknik pag mahaba ang pila sa Jollibee kelangan mo ng INVISIBLE CAR

Posted by Dave Calma on Monday, 23 April 2018

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Osaka Takoyaki Seller Cosplays To Grab Customers’ Attention – Makes Sales Go Sky High




Cosplayer Image

Food stalls in Japan have such a huge market and the competition is not a joke. It is tight, especially in Osaka, one of the busiest cities in Japan.

Japan is the place to be for food lovers. There are so many food options and all of them look and taste so good. Tourists are attracted to their products because of their cute presentation and of course, good taste quality.

Osaka, Japan is where many tourists head to. There are so many food stalls along the streets, making the city very colorful and lively. Everybody just wants to pay for some good food experience.

But unknown to many, a lot of businesses suffer due to the lack of exposure.


What should a good businesswoman do to stand out?

Business owners do so many creative things to attract more customers. This helps their businesses increase their sales and profits. But not all are lucky to excel in the food business in Osaka.


So, this female Takoyaki business owner, Yukio, took an initiative to level up her business! She used her charm and of course, her natural takoyaki slipping skills.

Osaka is home to anime lovers. And because of this, Yukio changes up her look while flipping Takoyaki in her food stall called Goonies. This magnetizes people to watch her and eventually buy some of her good Goonies.


Her cosplay attracted customers and soon enough, her sales became so much bigger! A video of her flipping her takoyaki wearing a costume became hot on the internet and gained 1.9 million views on social media.

The short video clip became viral as it has been shared thousands of times. Who could not resist such a cute seller, right?

Almost everything that Japan sells is picturesque and of good quality. There is no reason not to travel there and find such worth items to try!

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Kindhearted Policeman Takes A 3-YO Child For A Meal And Grants His Wish In The Process




Cop Image

We often see children playing on streets, unattended by their parents. We tend to consider them homeless as they spend the whole day asking for food from passersby. Considering that they aren’t home and not with their parents means they are not properly taken care of. And it sometimes breaks our heart knowing that innocent young kids experience such.

Parenting is a big responsibility. With the growing population in our country, a man opens an awareness and hits us with reality about having so many kids.

Shaun Manzo

Shaun Manzo, the policeman who shares his experience on how he bumped into a playful kid who stays often in the busy streets of Boni, Mandaluyong. He started his post with a disclaimer, not to brag but to just open awareness to parents to refrain from having kids more than they can take care of. Mazo said that every child deserves to be loved and be taken care of.


For Info: Pinost ko to dahil hindi sa gusto ko magpasikat or kumuha ng simpatya ng mga tao pinost ko to dahil gusto ko kase makita ng buong mundo na marami nang napapabayaan na mga bata at pakalat-kalat lang sa kalsada dahil sa kapabayaan ng mga magulang.☹️I want to share to all of you guys lalo na sa mga magulang na sana naman po kung gagawa kayo ng mga bata please po alagaan niyo naman po sila ng maayos at gampanan ang mga responsibilidad sa kanila they deserve to be loved and syempre guidance ninyo.🤭


According to Shaun, his heart breaks for the kid who he always sees roaming around his assignment area in Boni Mandaluyong. He usually spots the kid wearing no clothes and slippers. Shaun often sees the kid roaming around McDo near Boni MRT. One time, he asked the kid which food he wants to eat in McDonald’s. The kid then points his fingers at a toy. Right there and then, Mazo ordered a happy meal for the kid.


Shaun generously bought the happy meal for the street kid. On the pictures uploaded, the kiddo looks happy with a full tummy and a toy. The kid, a little bit shy, gave thanks to the generous policeman. Mazo felt teary-eyed and filled with joy at that time. He also shared that customers in McDonald’s oftentimes give extra food to Diego. The 3-year old young kid gives happiness to those people around the area.


Mazo found out that Diego lives around Boni area and they are 9 kids in the family. He gave a pet name to the kid by calling him “Diego” (pertaining to a character in Dora the Explorer). Being far away from family, he found a friend in Diego. The kid sometimes calls him “Papa.” According to Shaun, the kid reminds him of his nephew whom he misses already. Diego, despite not given with proper needs from parents, stays cheerful and smart.

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