10 Realistic Work-Life Balance Tips from Billionaires

Successful billionaires, contrary to popular belief, don’t only focus in building their business empire. In fact, despite their unimaginable success, they actually have life outside work.

Becoming successful in your work or business life also requires success in your personal life. Here are 10 realistic activities outside work you can do to keep your life balanced, according to some billionaire entrepreneurs.


1. Exercise.

Despite their busy schedule, billionaire Richard Branson does kitesurfing while Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour plays tennis for an hour every day. But if working out is not your cup of tea, you can do a 15-minute cardio activity per day like gardening or taking your dog out for a walk.

2. Discover a new hobby or rediscover an old one.

Would you believe that a person as busy as Warren Buffet takes time to play the ukelele or Michael Bloomberg taking a break to skii or play golf? Some of the world’s most successful people don’t only invest time on making money, they also spend time doing something they’ve always wanted to do.

3. Always have “special time” for yourself.

A lot of us take for granted the concept of having “special time” for ourselves. However, science has found that by doing this, you get to be more creative and productive, make better decisions, and actually get along better with colleagues and co-workers.

4. Look for a belief system that will work for you.

While many wouldn’t agree, having a deep spiritual connection may actually work for you. Even world’s richest person Bill Gates admitted going to a Catholic Church even if he has doubts about God.

5. Meditate.

Meditation is another ritual you can do to make your day or week seem manageable. Oprah Winfrey, who practices Transcendental Meditation, says she sits in stillness for 20 minutes twice a day.

6. Donate to charity.

According to a study conducted by Fidelity Charitable, about 89% of entrepreneurs give back to the community.

7. Learn something new from mentors outside of work.

Getting some fresh perspective or improving your weaknesses can help you achieve a different level of success. This could be done if you take time to get together with mentors outside of work.

8. Schedule a date night every week.

Going out on a date not only improves your love life, it also helps you re-evaluate your vision together with your partner.

9. Spend quality time with your family.

Never ever put business on top of your family life in your priority list.  It may sound challenging but always find a way to make yourself available for your loved ones.

10. Do something that makes you happy.

In order to have a healthy, productive, and well-balanced life, you need to do things that will make you happy and protect you from burnout, stress, and anxiety. Traveling every once in while can save you from putting a huge strain on your work life.