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10 Modern Interior Designs for Your Home

It is nice to have a home to call our own, not just so we could have a lovely place to spend time with the family but to have something tangible to spend our salaries and wages on, right? Of course, it is said that any place can be a home as long as there is love but it would surely be much lovelier to have a beautiful home to stay in – I’m quite sure many would agree with that! For sure, it is one of the reasons why many of us spend long hours at work.

We found a Freelance Architectural Designer, Reynier Jones Agdeppa, on Facebook whose designs are quite admirable. You will surely love his creations! Based on his Facebook profile, he studied Architecture, Planning, and Design at Mindanao University of Science and Technology in the Philippines.

He is currently based in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines but many of the designs posted on his Facebook Page are not just limited to homes and various infrastructures in Mindanao but other parts of the country as well. Some are even found outside the country!

Check out 10 design ideas of modern interior designs by Reynier Jones Agdeppa here:

Colorful Bedroom for the Kids

Design by Reynier Jones Agdeppa
Design by Reynier Jones Agdeppa

Elegant Master Bedroom

Design by Reynier Jones Agdeppa
Design by Reynier Jones Agdeppa

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