10 Foods that Boost the Immune System

Certain foods can surprisingly help prevent flu and winter colds. Instead of popping a pill, you may opt to look for food in your home that will help boost your immune system.

Here are 10 powerful immune system boosters that will add extra flu-fighting punch, according to holistic nutrition coach Andrea Moss.

1. Garlic


Unknown to many, garlic possesses immune-boosting powers from sulfuric compounds such as allicin. It also has natural antiviral and antibacterial properties. People who are feeling sick can consume a clove of raw garlic. Chop them into four or five pieces and swallow them just like a pill. In this way, you’ll never have to worry about that awful breath that you’ll get from chewing garlic.

2. Yogurt

A spoonful of yogurt in the morning can make your immune system strong as it contains probiotics. These are good bacteria responsible for making your immune system healthy.

3. Bone broth

chicken brothjpg

Bone broths or chicken soups help keep you hydrated when you’re sick. It contains amino acids such as arginine, proline and glycine which have anti-inflammatory effects on the human body. Moreover, it is rich in mineral such as sulfur and phosphorus. Have a cup of bone broth at least three times a week in order to boost your immune system. You may also opt to have a vegetable broth if you’re a vegetarian.

4. Cooked spinach

Considered a powerhouse vegetable, spinach is one of the most popular superfoods. It’s high in vitamin C and is rich in folic acid, which repair cells. It keeps you well-hydrated as it contains potassium and magnesium, which serves as your body’s electrolytes.

5. Broccoli


An immune fighter and a booster, broccoli naturally detoxifies the body and prevents illness. This vegetable contains the amino acid choline, which promotes a healthy gut lining and helps keep cells functioning properly. It is recommended to consume a portion of broccoli twice a week.

6. Grapefruit

Grapefruits help decrease cold symptoms and prevent free radical damages. Red or pink varieties of grapefruit are recommended by nutritionists since they contain lycopene, an antioxidant which boosts immune system functioning.

7. Cinnamon


Possessing antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties, cinnamon has beneficial oils that improve digestion. It helps boost circulation and removes toxins in the body. It is recommended for diabetes patients as it also lowers blood sugar.

8. Watermelon

Rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and lycopene, watermelon is an immune system-booster that offers lots of life-building elements. It helps reduce free radicals, inflammation and infection.

9. Oyster


More popularly regarded as aphrodisiac, oysters have surprising immune-boosting properties. It is high in zinc which decreases the severity of your cold.

10. Mushrooms

Surprisingly, mushrooms are cancer fighters that have been shown to reduce the incidence of breast cancer. Since mushrooms are rich in vitamin D, zinc and immune-supportive agents, mushrooms can help kill viruses and bacteria in our body.