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10 Best Unknown Sights in London


As a rule, any city around the globe has its glorious places known to the public. Most likely, visitors explore “conventional” routes without noticing some other amazing spots. Those are hidden and less popular but definitely worth your attention.

So what are the fascinating secret gems of London? Discover right now with International Cheap First Class .com!

  1. Whitechapel Bell Foundry

This is actually a working church bell foundry located opposite the world-known Whitechapel Gallery. Founded in 1570, this is now the oldest manufacturing company in Britain. And this is the very place where Big Ben and the Liberty Bell were produced! Don’t forget to see it while visiting the art gallery.

  1. St Dunstan-in-the-East

This was a Roman Catholic parish church situated between London Bridge and the Tower of London. Built 1100, it was remodeled several times. In the Second World War, the building was badly damaged and only ruins remained. Nowadays, it is a nice public garden for those who’d like to spend a time in a quiet corner.

  1. Wilton’s Music Hall

In 1743, it was opened as an ale house. But in the mid-1800s this place turned into a music hall. Today, it is the oldest concert hall in the world. Wilton’s features traditional Victorian design and Mahogany Bar and still hosts various performances. A great venue to relax and have fun!

  1. Chin Chin Labs

A unique ice-cream parlour in Camden is famous for its desserts frozen with liquid nitrogen. In fact, The Times recognized Chin Chin Labs as the best ice-cream shop in the entire country! Apart from the unusual freezing technology, the café offers you diverse flavours, some of which may be really awkward.

  1. Camley Street Natural Park

A green paradise just in the city’s heart – King’s Cross. The Park represents itself a strip of land stretching along the banks of the Regent’s Canal. It is home to hundreds of flora and fauna species, as well as a great area to wander and have picnics.

  1. Smallest police station in Britain

Trafalgar Square is, by all means, one of the big-name spots in London. On its east side, there is the Britain’s smallest police station open in 1926.  This is a tiny box, from the inside of which policemen used to keep an eye on what was going on at the square. Nowadays, it functions as a broom cupboard.

  1. Sir John Soane’s Museum

Sir John Soane was a prominent English architect specialized in the Neo-Classical style. He designed such landmark buildings as Bank of England, Royal Hospital Chelsea, Dulwich Picture Gallery etc. The museum is his former residence. Here, Soane’s fine collection of antiquities is stored and open to the public for totally free.

  1. Rolling Bridge

Paddington Basin is famous for its original bridges. One of them is a curling movable bridge designed by Thomas Heatherwick and unveiled in 2004. It consists of 8 triangular sections. At the first glance, there is nothing special about it. But each Friday at 12 noon, it rolls up and takes the shape of an octagon.

  1. Hyde Park Pet Cemetery

Hyde Park is one of the most renowned London spots. Yet a rare traveller knows about its secret corner. The alluring Pet Cemetery is set in Victoria Gate Lodge’s garden. During the Victorian era, local residents were burying here their dear dogs. Although it’s closed to the public, you can easily look at 300 tiny graves.

  1. St. Martin’s Window

St Martin-in-the-Fields is among the London milestones. This is an Anglican parish church located at the north-east of Trafalgar Square. And there is a pretty interesting feature: the window depicting water surface. It was designed by Shirazeh Houshiary and Pip Horne and completed in 2008.


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Traveler Gets Arrested for Wearing Too Many Clothes, Gets Refused on Plane Twice




One traveler who tried to cheat the airline by wearing many layers of clothing to allegedly keep him from paying excess baggage charges was refused boarding by an airline. He was arrested, then, refused boarding by the next flight he booked the following day! Ouch.

Ryan Carney Williams, who uses the handle Ryan Hawaii on Twitter, took to social media to express his disappointment after British Airways refused to let him board the plane after he put on the clothes that wouldn’t fit within his check-in baggage in a flight from Iceland to England.

Cops were soon called to arrest Williams after he put on eight pairs of pants and ten shirts. He accused the airline of racial profiling, saying he had done nothing wrong except put on the clothes that were in excess of his baggage allowance. He further claims he wasn’t trying to cheat the airline but just couldn’t afford to pay for the excess.

Photo credit: Ryan Hawaii -@RYAN_HAWAII / Twitter

He also claimed he had been polite throughout the incident but the airline’s ground crew had called the cops on him for ‘unruly behavior’.

According to Williams, the cops arrested him at Iceland Keflavík International Airport, sprayed him with mace, and held him on the ground despite him staying polite and just refusing to leave the counter – but why would he leave the counter, anyway, when he was actually trying to get into the flight?

He was brought to the police station where he formally gave his report. The plane flew without him.

After missing the flight over the incident, Williams booked one with EasyJet the following day but though he was able to go through check-in and security without problems this time, he was refused boarding at the flight gate – again!

He was told that he was not allowed on board because of the previous day’s incident with British Airways. Ironically, though, his luggage was able to fly ahead as it had already been checked in at that flight.

Photo credit: Ryan Hawaii -@RYAN_HAWAII / Twitter

It angered Williams to be stuck in Iceland with no money – and no more luggage! He took to Twitter to express his frustration. Fortunately, while reactions varied from netizens, he did receive a refund from both airlines.

He was later able to finally fly to England on a Norwegian airline. Whew.

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Man From Taiwan Earns $2700 A Month Just For Cleaning A House And Brushing A Turtle




HK Image

Being a housekeeper is a noble job. They help us to our day-to-day lives, without them, people can’t go through to their busy schedules.

However, much as we benefit from their service, it’s common knowledge that housekeeper doesn’t earn much despite their heavy loads of work, but not this Taiwanese housekeeper.

HK 1

Recently, a Taiwanese guy named Lee became viral after he was learned to have earned TW$80,000 (approx. US $2714) salary each month for being a housekeeper.

HK 2

Lee was once an employee at a restaurant who only earned TW$30,000 (approx. US $1017) per month. But one day, he decided to switch career and become a full-time housekeeper, and guess what, it turned out to be the best decision he ever made in his life!

“Many families in Taiwan have dual incomes. Since both the husband and wife need to head out to work, they have no time to take care of their home. This is where housekeepers like us come in to help sort things out,” 

Aside from his main job which includes cleaning the house and other normal chores for a housekeeper, Lee was required to clean the client’s tortoise. Easy, right? Well, read on.

HK 3

You may think cleaning tortoise is an easy task but it’s not. Cleaning the client’s tortoise require skills and should be done with extra care.

HK 4

Lee would first brush the tortoise’s’ shell and repeat the process on its belly. He then would try to remove any possible dirt from the shell. For that, he earned TW$80,000. Just be careful not to hurt the tortoise and scratch its valuable shell if you want to keep the job.

Same as to the most of us, Lee works ten hours a day, only he’s paid double or triple our salary for being a housekeeper.

Boy, doesn’t it make you want to switch jobs?

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Woman Pulls Prank on Her Husband at Her Death Bed




Wouldn’t it be wonderful to find that one person that would make you smile for the rest of your life? That person who knew how to make you happy no matter what happens, even if you know that you are both going to eventually die?

Well, one man found that kind of wife – and they lived a happy life until she passed away after a 5-year battle with cancer. But little did he know that she would pull a prank on him even on her death bed and would make him smile years after her passing!

Photo credit: vt

Phedre Fitton, 69, of South Africa had battled cancer for 5 years.

In her death bed, surrounded by family and holding the hands of her beloved husband whom she met when she was still 16 years old, Phedre took the time not just to bid goodbye but to also prank her husband; although he didn’t know about it until many years later.

Photo credit: Antonia Nicol‏ / Twitter

Their daughter Antonia would share the discovery of the prank on Twitter:

Before my mum passed away, she gave my dad strict instructions to water the plants in the bathroom. He’s been religiously watering them & keeping them alive.

They [looked] so amazing he decided to take them to his new [retirement] home, only to discover they are plastic! Can [still] hear my mum chuckling.

Can you believe that? On her death bed, Phedre managed to put in one last big prank for her husband – and it was the most adorable thing!

Photo credit: Antonia Nicol‏ / Twitter

But her husband, Nigel, really had no idea that it was a prank or that the plants weren’t actually real. He followed his wife’s instructions religiously, watering the plants not just once but twice a day! He did that for years since Phedre died of cancer in 2013.

Their kids only find out when they helped him move to his new retirement home. Isn’t this hilarious but also quite sweet?

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