10 Best Inventions for Lazy People or Just Useless Stuff?

While shopping, have you ever come across something that looks just totally weird? Then, you learned what it is used for, and the weirdness factor increases?

Well, I actually experienced that countless times but when I found this video made by Top Trending about the 10 Best Inventions For Lazy People, I could not help but wonder whether these really were the best inventions for lazy people or simply just useless inventions being touted as useful just so someone would buy them. Hmmmmm

Let’s take a look at some of the items on the list. For example, why would anyone buy a self-stirring mug, anyway? Are we really so busy that we could not spare a few seconds to stir our own drink?

Now, the automatic shoelace just might be useful for people with a bad back or those who have a hard time reaching down to their feet but the self-making bed is just a little too much. And the automatic ice cream cone is just so weird.

As for the canned sandwich, it might sound good when you are out camping or going to a place where food might be scarce but in a regular setting, wouldn’t it be much better if you just made something fresh from your kitchen?

Sigh. I guess these items are simply showing that humans are becoming lazier with each passing time. There just might come a time in the future when we might be like the very lazy humans on movie, WALL-E, where everything (including communicating with other people) is done via virtual reality.

Check out the video of these products here:

What is Virtual Reality?

Just a dream in the past, virtual reality has truly become a reality these days; thanks to the progress in computers and various technology. This computer-simulated experience replicates the environment so vividly that it is able to recreate sensory experiences much like the real thing!

Depending on the gadgets used and the virtual reality situation, users might be able to experience realistic worlds involving touch, sight, smell, sound, and even virtual taste! Incredible, isn’t it?

Pretty soon, virtual reality will be in our homes as gadgets are now close to being released to the market. I can hardly wait!

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