10 Amazing Things to Do in the Caribbean

Even before the film series “Pirates of the Caribbean” were even released, the Caribbean has long been a top vacation destination! In fact, you will find the Caribbean in the bucket list of the rich and famous (and even those who don’t have a lot of money), despite the fact that it is far away from their home countries.

People would willingly spend their money to enjoy the best Caribbean vacation. So, if you are one of those who are planning to visit the place, make sure to book your stay for at least a week. This will give you time to explore many places and enjoy as many amazing things to do in the Caribbean without having to rush through the experience.

Here are 10 amazing things that you can do in the Caribbean

Hanging Out at the Beach

There’s miles and miles of beach all over the Caribbean as the area is actually made up of several islands, big and small. This easily translates to lots of beaches and coastal areas where you can hang out to enjoy a drink while soaking up the sun!

The Caribbean is truly the perfect location to get that perfect tan, but make sure to bring tons of sunscreen. You don’t want to end up looking like an overcooked lobster on your way home.

Going for a Swim or Dive

Just as there are lots of beaches to hang out in, there are also an endless list of places where you can take a swim or go diving. A visit to the Caribbean isn’t complete without you taking a dip in its many pristine waters.

Taking a Hike in the Jungle

Did you know that the Caribbean isn’t just all beaches and seas? There are also jungles to explore! Have fun with your friends as you hike these jungles and try to discover new species of flora and fauna. Just make sure to hire a guide so you wouldn’t end up spending the rest of your vacation trying to find your way out of the jungle…

Taking a Tour on a Seaplane

You can explore on foot but taking a tour on a seaplane will give you a new perspective over the islands. Don’t forget to get your cameras ready so you can take photos of the amazing views from the sky.

Visiting an Active Volcano

Want to visit an active volcano? A lot of people find thrill in doing that – and you’ll definitely love a visit to Montserrat Volcano.

This active volcano is set on a beautiful island that you can’t really explore on foot due to the fact that it might erupt. But tourists can enjoy boat tours around the island where they can view the majestic volcano. There’s also an observatory where you can admire the island volcano without stepping foot on its surface.

Oh, it’s actually a ‘drive-in’ volcano as boats can bring you close to the hot springs where lava-heated streams rise from the surface! The water there is too hot for swimming.

Enjoying Jamaican Reggae

All over the Caribbean, you will notice that Jamaican reggae remains one of the most common music. You can enjoy this upbeat music at the local bars and restaurants. There are even plenty of street musicians that also do reggae.

After a long day, relax at a bar near the beach for some Jamaican reggae music fun before you retire for the night in luxury Caribbean villas for rent.

Taking a Fun Ride in a Powerboat

Also known as powerboats, speed boats are popular in the Caribbean. You can go to speeds of over 40 mph. Isn’t that awesome?

Swimming with the Dolphins

In many places across the world, you can actually watch dolphins swimming at sea. But in the Caribbean, there are plenty of opportunities to swim with the dolphins! Just make sure you don’t jump out at sea when you see one while you’re out cruising the Caribbean waters.

Diving with the Sharks

If you think that swimming with the dolphins is fun enough, how about diving with the sharks? But you would surely need a lot of courage to do that! Brace yourself and make sure to always listen to your guide’s instructions!

If sharks aren’t your thing, you can always go exploring the 65+ sculptures sitting peacefully beneath the surface of Grenada’s Moliniere Bay.

Learning How to Do Kite Surfing

Sharks too scary for you? Well, you can stay closer to shore as you learn how to do kite surfing. The sport is popular in the Caribbean waters. You can also do windsurfing if kite surfing looks too difficult for you.

Which of these activities will you try in the Caribbean? All of them!